Technical Support for Google Ads, Social Media Marketing & Web Design

We provide a vast range of services and capabilities, and a high level of competence to individuals and business owners. Let us support you to build up your Facebook Page, Instagram, YouTube Channel and other social media platforms!

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How to Setup Stripe Payment Gateway

1) Visit register an Account. 2) Check Email Verification, Click Start now and fill up your business information, personal particulars, and the bank account that you wish to accept the online payment.3) Go to Setting > Team > + New Member > Add moc.liamg%40ngizederutxip as Developer. 4) We will take over the Payment Gateway Integration.

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How to Setup Telegram Integration

1) Download Telegram mobile app.2) Open Telegram, search in chat for "@site_notify_bot".3) key in "/start".4) Telegram will generate a 9 digit code, provide us the code for Telegram Integration.

How to assign Facebook Page Editor Role

Assign Facebook Page Editor Role for us to Manage your Facebook Page and Ads.

1) Login to your Facebook Account. 2) If you haven't create your Page. Click Pages > Create New Page.3) Click Pages > Left Panel choose Settings > Page Roles > Assign a New Page Role to moc.liamg%40ngizederutxip (Role as Editor).4) Our role is only on managing your Facebook Page's Marketing Posts and Ads. 

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We create awesome things

Our creative and experienced team is proud to provide professional web development and mobile application services. We have a team of award-winning web designers and developers passionate about creating something special for each client. We aim to make useful innovative products which are easy to use, look great, and work really well.